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Marching Cultures

Ninth Ward Steppers

Marching represents the community. When you form a parade route, you’re bringing people through the cracks & crevices of your neighborhood to give everybody an opportunity to be part of it.

New Orleans’ rich cultural heritage proves a fertile ground for a wide range of marching cultures.  From the oldest Social Aid & Pleasure Clubs, and elusive Baby Dolls, to the prominent and mysterious Mardi Gras Indians and Skull & Bone Gangs, we have just about a year round reason to celebrate.  Brass bands in full swing and swirling, looping, jumping and more…

“…it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing!”


Social Aid & Pleasure Clubs


 Skull & Bone Gangs

BABY DOLLS                                    

Baby Dolls


mardi gras indians '10